The first section of Transworld’s ‘Sight Unseen’ featuring John Cardiel as with all videos, by definition, sets the tone for what is to follow. From the generous foreword by Mark Gonzales to the first licks of the background track, even the introduction creates anxious anticipation. The heavy bassline quickly links up with Cardiel’s rabid attacks in a combination that is at once measured and aggressive. Barely one minute in, he is moving as fast as possible yet soars casually. With others it could be deemed arrogance, but with Cardiel there’s a distinction to be found –  bloodthirst. The body of the segment is relentless alike to the tempo, and the make-or-break enders only encourage repeat viewing. There is certainty, however, that Cardiel – like Sizzla – is much more comfortable up high than down low. Listen to the track, and of course – enjoy



Post by Chico Brees:


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