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TheDeafWord: Kyle Beachy Interview

TheDeafWord: Kyle Beachy Interview

Amongst all the skate publications, websites, catalogues or whatever it’s possible to slap photos on and jam words alongside, most writers will struggle to play cleverly with words or be inventive enough to prevent the reader from skipping the intro straight to the crux of the feature (wait, wait, there’s more). Kyle Beachy’s insights to...
Baker Skateboards - 'Bake and Destroy' Review

Baker Skateboards – ‘Bake and Destroy’ Review

  ‘Bake and Destroy’ which was filmed in nine months compared to the five years in the making of ‘Baker 3′, has been distributed differently which seems to have left it’s reception somewhat unclear and varied. To quote Reynolds: ‘We put it out with Thrasher because …I guess everything’s online right?’ Promotion, it’s soon-to-be online availability, the...
TheDeafWord: Atiba Jefferson Interview

TheDeafWord: Atiba Jefferson Interview

We had a brief chat with skateboarding and sports photographer Atiba Jefferson – Enjoy     How did you get into skateboarding?  Just shooting my friends in high school and also my friend Josh Wildman. Do you still find the time to skate?  Yes I still skate I play skate with the pros so they can...
Landmark Skate Tunes #1: Donovan - 'Get Thy Bearings'

Landmark Skate Tunes #1: Donovan – ‘Get Thy Bearings’

We don’t remember the first time we watched Reynold’s part in ‘Baker 2g’. But we know after ‘Crimson and Clover’ by Tommy James & the Shondells faded, leading to Reynolds standing, checking his board (sunglasses on), whilst this song began followed by probably the nicest fakie tre and most casual switch crook ever, that this...