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TheDeafWord: Oliver Barton Interview

TheDeafWord: Oliver Barton Interview

Spotting differences between continents, being gracefully bestowed cameras that hold skateboarding history, to the breaking point of JJ Rousseau. We recently spoke to Oliver Barton about Perpetual Motion, where to draw the line with authenticity and skating Kansas City on Halloween being the reaffirmation that skateboarding is going to be okay. Enjoy – Interview by Stephen...
Landmark Skate Tunes #1: Donovan - 'Get Thy Bearings'

Landmark Skate Tunes #1: Donovan – ‘Get Thy Bearings’

We don’t remember the first time we watched Reynold’s part in ‘Baker 2g’. But we know after ‘Crimson and Clover’ by Tommy James & the Shondells faded, leading to Reynolds standing, checking his board (sunglasses on), whilst this song began followed by probably the nicest fakie tre and most casual switch crook ever, that this...