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TheDeafWord: Corey Duffel Interview

TheDeafWord: Corey Duffel Interview

A friend of The Deaf Lens – Tony Moore, recently had a chat with Corey Duffel about being a skate nerd, repping Foundation for ten years, having motor-mania and that famous moustache. Edited by Stephen Cox     Skate Nerd – totally killed it against J.T Aultz. Skate Nerd was a lot of fun. I was...
Baker Skateboards - 'Bake and Destroy' Review

Baker Skateboards – ‘Bake and Destroy’ Review

  ‘Bake and Destroy’ which was filmed in nine months compared to the five years in the making of ‘Baker 3′, has been distributed differently which seems to have left it’s reception somewhat unclear and varied. To quote Reynolds: ‘We put it out with Thrasher because …I guess everything’s online right?’ Promotion, it’s soon-to-be online availability, the...