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TheDeafWord: Robert Brink Interview

TheDeafWord: Robert Brink Interview

We recently had a chat with Robert Brink originally setting out to get Erica Yary’s number (yes it’s in the interview – read on) but ended up finding out about how he made a niche for himself in the industry, what work goes into Weekend Buzz and some tales about being a bagel maker. You’ll...
Landmark Skate Tunes #2: Mogwai - 'Tracy (Kid Loco's Playing With The Young Team Remix)'

Landmark Skate Tunes #2: Mogwai – ‘Tracy (Kid Loco’s Playing With The Young Team Remix)’

The credits of a skateboarding film are after all, watched. Often glimpses dedication, trivia and lifestyle are found here. Mogwai’s track closes Emerica’s video perfectly as we watch Suski’s smoothly filmed line, Joey Poirez’s mini section, travel and let’s not forget as the song slowly fades we see what skateboarding can be – paying a...