We had a brief chat with skateboarding and sports photographer Atiba Jefferson – Enjoy


Atiba Jefferson Skateboarding TheDeafWord DeafLens #prettysweet Photography


How did you get into skateboarding? 

Just shooting my friends in high school and also my friend Josh Wildman.

Do you still find the time to skate? 

Yes I still skate I play skate with the pros so they can warm up, I beat Alex Olson the other day – just saying.

We recently asked Ryan Gee about ‘Chomp On This 2’, will the video happen? 

We are working on part two, it’s like fine wine – gets better with age.

Do you have a favourite skater to shoot?

I like to shoot everyone, for different reasons, but Andrew Reynolds and me came up at the same time, so it’s always fun.

We loved the story about the Reynolds photo when you were hungover. In your ‘Shoot All Skaters’ segment on the Berrics you said there’s always going to be photos that you’re going to miss and be heartbroken over, but that’s all part of it. Do any other missed photo opportunities stand out in particular?

Mmmmmmmm not really that’s the one that stands out but it happens all the time.


Atiba Jefferson Skateboarding TheDeafWord DeafLens #prettysweet Photography Andrew Reynolds


Can you tell us anything about the #prettysweet video or is it all hush hush? 

I’ll tell you it’s gonna be amazing.

How is playing music going for you? What music have you been listening to recently?

I have been djing mostly, been listening to a lot of Juicy J Battles, Explosions in the Sky and the new Animal Collective.

What’s your favourite film?

‘Velvia Push to 100′



What does the future hold for Atiba Jefferson?

To have fun, get my website updated.


Images via Brainsheer Blog Spot, My Hero and atibaphoto.com

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