There are certain smells, sounds and collective fragments dispersed amongst our memories, which when we’re lucky enough to briefly recall them – albeit unintentionally or otherwise – that literally take us to that very moment when we first experienced them. Excuse the fact that this is the second chosen from Sight Unseen (and you know we could use any). The short introductory track ‘Deep Sleep’ is one of these personal triggers, synonymous with Henry Sanchez’s part which plays to ‘Neva Forget’ by the Cali Agents. Listen and of course, enjoy –

Marcus McBride on Henry Sanchez : “The first time I saw Henry was probably back when I first started skating. He took us to this ramp named Jack’s Ramp…he was super good, crazy tricks. In 91′, 92′, that’s when he was off the hook. Skateboarding in Embarcadero was just like, the shit. Tricks were just learned there every day. It was just ill to watch people do tricks, especially him. Now that I look back on it, it was crazy like he had it, he still has it you know? I skate with him every day, I’m there, I see it. He never lost it, he’s Henry.”



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