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Magenta Skateboards: 'Soleil Levant' Review by Walker Ryan

Magenta Skateboards: ‘Soleil Levant’ Review by Walker Ryan

A review by Walker Ryan   About a month ago my grandmother bought a book for me entitled Zen in the Art of Archery. Grummy, as she’s known to all of her grandchildren, recommended the book with the foresight that I might find some parallels between my experiences as a skateboarder and the experiences of the author...
Sk8Mafia and Sweet Skateboards - 'Stee' Review by Walker Ryan

Sk8Mafia and Sweet Skateboards – ‘Stee’ Review by Walker Ryan

      A Review by Walker Ryan   When I was living in San Diego in the early summer of 2010, there was one particular afternoon that stands out in my memory as one of the best days I had in America’s finest city.  It was a beautiful Friday in Pacific Beach and all...
Girl and Chocolate Skateboards - 'Pretty Sweet' Review

Girl and Chocolate Skateboards – ‘Pretty Sweet’ Review

  It finally arrived, five years after Fully Flared – the latest addition to Girl Films and Chocolate Cinema’s list of full-length features: Pretty Sweet. Some things in life (skateboarding) can be worryingly better than pretty girls and sweet chocolate. For those who have been eagerly peeking through their curtains out of a very dark room waiting...
Baker Skateboards - 'Bake and Destroy' Review

Baker Skateboards – ‘Bake and Destroy’ Review

  ‘Bake and Destroy’ which was filmed in nine months compared to the five years in the making of ‘Baker 3′, has been distributed differently which seems to have left it’s reception somewhat unclear and varied. To quote Reynolds: ‘We put it out with Thrasher because …I guess everything’s online right?’ Promotion, it’s soon-to-be online availability, the...