We spoke to Matt Bennett – Toy Machine Pro and inventor of the  Bennett grind – Enjoy



How did you first get into skateboarding? What do you think you would be doing if you had never stuck with it?  

I got a Ninja Turtles skateboard for Christmas 1990.  That just hung around until my friend showed me Toy Machine’s ‘Welcome to Hell’ video.  I went and got a good board and have been skating everyday since.  Shit, if I didn’t keep skating, I would have gone to school and would be working a desk job somewhere.

What have you been filming lately?  

Mostly been filming with the Toy Machine bros, gone on a couple Ambig filming trips.  Tum Yeto also just hired a Dekline filmer, so I’ve been Filming with him too.

What’s the longest amount of time you have spent getting one trick? Ever have to walk away and leave a trick?

I’ve spent months trying to get a trick and then having to walk away.

How long did it take to film the Real Street part?  Can you tell us about the song choice?

The real street part was my left over VX footy.  We decided to save all the HD clips for future videos.  Josh Harmony came up with that song.  Kevin Barnet, the dude who edited the part, needed a free song and asked Josh to make something creepy.




You have been pro for over two years now; we remember reading that all you felt had changed was more advert work and checking your email! Have you felt more under pressure since turning pro? 

Turning pro has made me feel like an adult.  Just having to get my priorities straight and focus on what’s important.  There’s pressure, but that’s my job – if I do what I’m supposed to then it’s all good.

What’s the best tour you have ever been on?

Probably my first trip.  It was the Good and Evil tour.   Everything was so new to me.  Every time I get to leave the country to skate is awesome.

What’s your relationship like with the rest of the Toy Machine team? Is Ed as crazy and eccentric as he is often made out/appears to be?

The Toy Machine team is really tight.  Everyone’s good friends.  Ed wouldn’t put someone on if that weren’t the case.  Ed is a normal dude to me.  Nothing crazy or weird.

How involved are you with your board graphics?

Not really involved at all. Everything Ed does is sick.  If I did a graphic it would probably suck. I trust Ed.



Do you think you could ever cut off the hair?

I think about it every day.  Maybe when it comes time to get a real job I’ll bust out the clippers.

What does the future hold for Matt Bennett?

More Bennett grinds. Hope your not bumped.


Images via Toy machine

Special thanks: Mike Sinclair at Tum Yeto

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