Succumb to the predatory intentions of John Rattray’s site – why?


John Rattray - 'Morphine's a hell of a drug' Worthy Skateborading Sources The Predatory Bird Scotland Aberdeen


1. It “attempts to examine the world through the oddly faceted prism of skateboarding.”

2. Obsessives – It’s great to get glimpses of the thought processes and experiences of the Scotsman.

3. John “found gull culture and skate culture to be more similar than [he] ever expected…Both gulls and street skaters are reviled and misunderstood by mainstream society. They’re noisy, they make a mess, they wax ledges, they shit on cars, they terrorize the elderly.” -It’s eccentrically well written and often funny


Sit tight and prepare for the swoop – We recommend reading from the beginning folks – The Predatory Bird